Statistical Modeling Sr. Analyst

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This position would be in the Demand Planning group which is a part of the Integrated Supply Chain sub-function in Frito-Lay’s Operations function. The Demand Planning group’s primary responsibilities include:
1) Maintain and enhance the demand forecasting statistical models
2) Design, develop and publish metrics
3) Provide analysis and support to the demand planners in the field


  • Assist demand planners with statistical model questions and investigate and troubleshoot SAS statistical model behavior with large data streams in the order of 10-200 GB of data.
  • Communicate complex statistical analysis in nontechnical business language to demand planners and leadership.
  • Support the weekly execution of demand forecasting processes, such as product phase in/phase out, BDC removal, and Top 25 process. Liaison with IT and other business functions to triage and resolve operational issues.
  • Generate weekly accuracy, bias, and exception reports. Administer the relief process for exception scenarios.
  • Support ad-hoc analytical needs as needed by developing programs, and tools, analyzing data, and/or creating visualizations in Excel and/or Tableau.
  • Assist in deep-dive projects to incorporate business insights into optimizing SAS forecasting parameters to improve forecast accuracy. Conduct research on data and processes to identify root causes of supply chain issues such as low product supply, low sales, irregular promotions effects, and seasonal changes in sales.
  • Assist in continuous improvement projects for improving forecasting solutions by applying innovative ideas, latest techniques, and algorithms.
  • Empleo Expirado
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9:00 - 14:00 hrs. de Lunes a Viernes.